On the road as well as on the dock or in the warehouse,
we encourage safe behavior and train our workers in that respect.

Safety of our employed
As a logistic services provider for hazardous goods, safety is one of top Priorities for DANDOY. Therefore we organize, educate and empower our workers for safe handling of goods. Part of safety education is safety manuals and safety information brochures, which are provided and explained to our employees, who are involved in handling hazardous goods. Trainings are organized on a regular basis , such as fire trainings, first aid trainings, simulations with the local fireman team. 
Safety on the road
As a transportation company, safety of our drivers and vehicles is a serious concern. Our priority is to reduce the number of accidents and avoid others. Safe driving trainings (dead-angles), also lights and proper protection in our trailers can help to save lives. Furthermore, providing good and reliable vehicles, maintaining them in exceptional working condition in DANDOY workshop is an absolute necessity for safety and foundation of our drivers and our customers' freight. We also require our drivers to use secure parking spaces during their break-times.
Safety of the goods
In this respect, our role goes further than just carrying goods. Appropriate packaging plays an essential role during transportation. As we want to prevent damages, we inform our customers when the packaging is inadequate.