Transport is responsible for a substantial share of CO2 emissions
worldwide and thus global warming.

As a transportation company, we are deeply concerned with the impact our business has on the environment. Moreover, as a family owned company, we are concerned for what we will leave behind for upcoming generations.
CO2 Emissions Reduction Plan
Our efforts are hand of an everyday commitment to constantly reducing our carbon footprint:

We invest in the latest technology available on the market.
Our truck fleet is modern and is being renewed on a regular basis.
Our vehicles are equipped with Ad-Blue and-have Euro 5 EEV and Euro 6 engines.

Our drivers are trained in "Eco-Drive". The reduction of fuel consumption and optimization of resources is of gasoline in this program.


Increasing congestion of roads has a considerable impact on our operations. As a responsible transportation company we are concerned and encourage following solutions:  

Extended delivery hours: We ask our customers to extend delivery hours. This enables our trucks to avoid peak hours and thereby improve productivity and reduce fuel consumption. 

Night deliveries: Transport can be delayed for many reasons. Unloading at night is a serious alternative to increase the productivity of our trucks. We favor customers, where docks stay open throughout the night.

Saturday deliveries: Loading and unloading on saturday can equally  be a viable alternative to reduce the number of trucks on the road during peak hours.  

Intermodal: Combining modes is something we do on a regular basis. The combination Road-Rail is the option we encourage.

Empty Miles: From an economy and environmental points of view, we always try to reduce the amount of kilometers our trucks drive empty.

Waste Management

We put our emphasis on waste management. Recycling is a top priority, and is continuously encouraged.