Que ce soit sur les routes, sur les quais de chargement ou dans les entrepôts, nous encourageons les comportements sécuritaires et formons notre personnel en ce sens.

The safety of our staff:

As a company providing services in the transport of dangerous goods, we organize the training of our employees in the handling of goods safely.

Regular training is dispensed on the fight against fires or, for example, the administration of first aid. We also organize simulation exercises with local teams regularly firefighters.

Safety on the roads:

As a transport company, the safety of our drivers and other vehicles is essential.

Our priority is to reduce accidents and to be vigilant in regard to others. Training on safe driving (blind spots), but also on the correct use of headlights and protective measures on our vehicles can help save lives.

In addition, we force our drivers to use the locations of safe parking for rest time.

Cargo Security:

In this aspect, our role goes beyond the mere transport of goods. The use of such containers is essential during transport. To prevent damage, we inform our customers if we consider that the packaging is inadequate. The use of correct packaging also helps prevent loss during transport.