Le transport est responsable d’une bonne partie des émissions de CO2 dans le monde
et donc du réchauffement climatique.

As a transport company, we attach considerable importance to the impact of our activities on the environment. In addition, as a family business, we care about what our legacy to future generations.

Plan to reduce emissions of   CO 2

All our efforts are committed daily to reduce at any time our carbon footprint. 

We invest in the latest technologies available on the market.
Our fleet is modern and is regularly renewed. 
Our vehicles are equipped with engines EURO 6 and EURO 5 EEV with Ad-Blue system.

We train our drivers in eco-driving. Fuel consumption reduction and resource optimization are key elements of this program.

Traffic congestion:

The increasing traffic has a significant impact on our business. As a responsible transport company, we care about this and encourage the following:

Hours extended deliveries: we ask our customers to extend delivery schedules. We can avoid peak hours and thus improve productivity while reducing the fuel consumption of our vehicles. 

Night delivery: delay of the reasons may be many. Night unloading offers a good alternative to increase the productivity of our vehicles. We encourage customers whose platforms are open late at night.

Saturday deliveries: loading and unloading on Saturday may also represent an interesting alternative to reduce the number of trucks on the road during peak hours. 

Intermodal: we regularly combine various modes of transport. The road-rail combination is our preferred option.  

Empty trips: an economic and environmental perspective, we seek at all times to reduce the number of empty kilometers by trucks.

Waste management:

Waste management is important to us heart. Recycling is a key priority, a concern of every day.