Dandoy is a member of Astre. - The Largest European network of independent carriers to small and medium size With 160 members spread over 290 locations across Europe and a total fleet of 17,000 vehicles, Astre HAS Established a single platform to combine the flexibility of ict individual members in a global network with global reach. The Astre group seeks to combine expertise and unique know-how of ict carriers. That through partnership agreements, sustainable projects and information sharing with the aim of meeting the demands and Increasing customer demands in The Most efficient Manner and reliable.

By providing good The Necessary infrastructure - 11 major hubs and 314 distributors, Astre Facilitates Transport Planning and organizing activities to optimize delivery performance, cost, goal aussi Increase the safety and reliability of delivery and Reduce the carbon footprint. In addition, the Astre group companies-have Developed a variety of services Such as Palet System, qui helps to find the best possible solution for the customer Shipments of small volumes.

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Astre Palet System is a freight forwarding services on pallets provided by the Astre Group. Using innovative logistics and has today IT solutions infrastructure Developed, We Can Ensure the delivery time DEPENDING ON shipping location and the kind of goods (Including ADR). Palet System est devenu "the integrated European network of pallet distribution in France and in Europe." He Proved to be a successful solution Because of the quality of service and ease of implementation.

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The Palet System network is in turn share of an alliance between networks have the ALLNET. 
ALLNET is Among the greatest Europeans networks for the distribution of small volume Paletisé Including: 
  • Astre Palet System, France
  • One Express, Italy
  • Systemlogistik ONLINE, Germany
  • Palletforce, UK
Thanks to this European coverage, DANDOY company is reliable to Provide solutions for smaller Shipments Throughout Europe, Offering a quality services through a reliable network. 
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