At DANDOY we do believe in the professionalism of our people.

As a service logistics provider, we believe that the best representation of our company is done through our employees.
You would be surprised to know about the technology running behind a logistics company. With the challenges the transportation and logistics industry is facing in the coming years, we believe that our team can be our drive to succeed. We do provide trainings and competitive compensation.
Drivers are essential in our team, but we are also looking for motivated and talented candidates in other fields listed on the right. 
For a spontaneous application (including internships), please fill-in the contact form on this page and specify what you wish to apply for (do not forget to include your CV). To apply for a specific job posted online, please follow all procedures as mentioned in the job advertisement. 


If you apply for driver position, please be aware that we request our drivers to comply with the following criteria:
  • You have a CE and ADR driving license.
  • You have a least 2 years of experience in driving with semi-trailers and are familiar with highways within BENELUX and west EU countries.
  • You speak Dutch (Flemish), French or English fluently.
  • Any other European language is a plus.
  • Being in possession of your own car is a plus.
  • Having the 35 hours obligatory training valid in your permit is a plus.
If you are interested and fulfil the criteria stated above, please fill-in the form and give in your personal details (please include your CV or previous experience, with clear explanations of what you did and where you worked). 
Be advised that all test-rides for candidates are planned on Thursday afternoon.
We will contact you if your application will be selected.


We are always looking for traction companies with the following criteria:

  • You are an independent traction company, or independent truck driver with your own vehicle.
  • You are in possession of all licenses, insurance and valid required permits.
  • You have an ADR license and you are allowed to transport hazardous goods.
  • We put our trailers at disposal to drive national and international trips.
  • We pay per kilometer and cover certain expenses, plus give access to certain facilities.
If you are interested, please fill-in the format and specify apply for “traction company”. 


As office Functions:

- Dispatching

Open vacancy :

> BENELUX distribution dispatcher

- Sales & Business Development

Open vacancy :

> Operations data analyst

- Transport Planning and Operations

Open vacancy :

> Fleet manager

> Transport planning specialist

- Logistics & Warehousing Management

Open vacancy :

> Warehouse coordinator

- Accounting & Finance

Open vacancy :

> Credit collector

- Human Resources & Talent Management

Open vacancy :

> HR Assistant

- Project & IT Management

Open vacancy :

> ICT Officer

Non-office functions:

- Professional truck drivers (national and internationally)

Open vacancy :

> Drivers CE

- Warehouse keepers
- Loader & unloaders
- Repair mechanics & Technicians

Open vacancy :

> Mechanic


- Traction company


We are always looking for talented and motived candidates. If you believe you have the drive to succeed in what you are good at, show it to us and apply online.