We deliver LTL & FTL loads of general cargo, ADR,
and temperature controlled trailers.

You will never see our trucks by coincidence. Every day we connect European logistic gateways, with our own vehicles or through our partners' network.
We daily organize grouping shuttles to all regions of France, Italy, and Benelux countries. Furthermore, we deliver FTL to France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia and Switzerland.
With our network partners we organize freight transportation to the UK, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal, and -other European countries.

Types of transportation:

  • Part loads / full loads
  • Hazardous goods / non-hazardous goods
  • Containers
  • Temperature controlled ( "thermo" trailers)
  • Double deck
  • tail lift
  • BE-NL-LUX Distribution

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more about our network and service offering.





DANDOY Fleet :


Our trucks are equipped with the latest technology for tracking and tracing and global positioning system (GPS).
Other technologies enable us to monitor fuel consumption, carry out real-time scanning takes as well as perform accurate follow-up of our vehicles in live mode. We Believe That innovation and present day technology Allows us to deliver top quality service.
Moreover, our trucks are equipped with Euro 5 EEV - Euro 6 engines, which imply quality and reliability.


All our trailers are equipped with:

  • sliding roofs & sides
  • anti-theft curtain sided trailers (XL Certification)
In addition, also available in our fleet:
  • Tail-lift
  • Intermodal trailers
  • Coil trailers
  • City-trailers
  • Double deck trailers thermo
  • Thermo Box trailers